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Only in Finland!

Finland is a country which offers unique activities and entertainments. Mostly they are connected to the cold weather and severe Finnish winter and situated in Lapland. Lapland is a big territory on the north of the country which has indefinite potential. It varies in landscape and weather conditions, but does not leave you indifferent. Here you may do many things which are possible only in Finnish Lapland.

One of the must-do’s is reindeer ride. Reindeer is a symbol of Finland and particularly Lapland. The striking fact about this place is that the number of reindeer here is equal to the number of people living in the province. Rides have different routes and may last from a 10 minutes to several hours. Reindeer ride helps tourist to understand better how people lived before in such a cold climate, to see the beauties of the Lappish wild forest as well as to enjoy this absolutely eco-friendly activity.

Another must-see is husky farms which may have from tens of heads to four or five hundred. Huskies are strong and friendly dogs which are eager to show you Lapland. They feel pretty comfortable in cold conditions and fit perfectly for sleigh rides. Husky safari is the best way to explore the Finnish nature and see the Northern Lights.

A truly unique cruise is offered by the arctic ice breaker Sampo in Kemi. It allows you investigate a real icebreaker and also swim in the frozen sea! You get a waterproof suit and are instructed for a refreshing bath. Once in the water the feeling is incredible. Soon you find that the water is not colder than 0oC. You do not need to know how to swim: the suit will hold you in the water. This entertainment is extremely popular among Finns and visitors abroad. So do not hesitate and contact the company in time so that you get your time for this breath-taking experience.

In Finland you may do what you never did before! Plan you trip with and have your best holidays in Finland! - Google+