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Summer in Finland: holidays and activities

Finland is a country of contrast in terms of climate, for this reason any season you choose for your visit brings unforgettable experience and bright impressions. For example, summer is a beautiful time to come to the land of thousand lakes, that’s why many tourists spend summer in Finland, as well as most finns prefer staying at home rather than traveling abroad.

One of the reasons being so loved among visitors lies in a finnish summer. Summer is usually warm here, especially in the south areas and in July. It happens often so, that during the day it is hot and dry, and during the night it rains a lot, thus the air stays fresh and humid all the time.

People in Finland usually have a vacation in summer, which starts after celebrating Juhannus in the end of June and finishes in the middle of August. They like to stay at their summer cottages, which they call kesämokki, on the lake– or sea shores and far from big cities and busy life. There they enjoy different kinds of activities, for example, boatingfishing and berry or mushroom picking.

Fishing is really exciting in Finland, as it offers diverse opportunities for catching various species of fish. Some holiday cottages have BBQ-facilities and smoke houses, where you can cure the caught fish with smoke and later treat yourself to a local delicacy. To have a best access to the fishing places rent a boat from the owner and ask him about necessary fishing licenses and permits.

Another part of the finnish soul is forest, where you can go for hiking, biking or gathering berries and mushrooms. In Finland you find blueberry, cloudberry and cranberry or birch bolete and cep even near the summer cottage.

It is advisable to rent a holiday cottage beforehand, as most of them are already booked in winter. Keep in mind that the rental in summer is usually 1,5-2 times higher that during off-season. Besides, pay attention to the “Services and Points of interest” section, where the owner gives a detailed description about the accommodation, nearest restaurants and cafes, spa-centers and ski-resorts and facilities for kids.

Choose something that suits your preferences and enjoy your best holiday in Finland.