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Fishing in Finland

Finland is widely known around the globe as a Country of Thousand Lakes. And it is true, as tenth of its territory is covered with water and it allows a third of the country’s population fish in their free time. In its turn this is the reason why in Finland there are more than 500,000 summer cottages built on rivers, lakes and ponds. It all leads to the fact that Finland is a perfect place for fishing.

Fishing has become an integral part of any Finn’s life. It is not a sport or free time activity, but it has turned into a cultural phenomenon and taken a solid position in Finland. In addition lots of tourists come here because of fishing: they are attracted by clean and vast waters, a wide variety of fish and wonderful holiday facilities.

Fishing is possible all year round with methods and fish species varying according to the season. About 60 species live in waters of Finland, such as perches, pikes, roaches, salmons, whitefishes and others. For example, the Torne River in the northern Finland is well-suited for catching salmons from a row boat, or Kukkolankoski Rapids in Lapland are known as a good place for catching whitefishes, or the Kairijoki in Savukoski is a rich with graylings and trout. For fishing with a lure you have to obtain a fishing license. Bit if you angle with a hook or line, you do not have to buy it.

After finishing your tour why not try to cook the fish according to the Finnish traditions? Usually Finns cook it over the open firesmoke it in special smoking houses or simply grill it. All the necessary equipment for fishing may be found directly from the owner of the accommodation you have chosen for your fishing holidays.

To find a holiday cottage use the service. You may book an accommodation by yourself or simply send us a cottage search request. Our team will do its best to find a holiday home to your taste so that you may enjoy your best holidays in Finland.